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Therapeutic By Design by Dr. Brian Carl Quinones, Ed.D, LPC

Don't Pass Go!

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  • Disclaimer

  • What brought me in today (blogging)

  • Future posts will focus more on specific games

Full disclaimer – I do own copies of many of the games that I will be talking about, but I do not own any stock in their companies, did not create, or help create any of these games for profit. I will mention whenever I mod a game or change it from its original intent to fit my clients needs. It is important to note that yes I am a therapist, but this blog is not intended to be therapy. I will offer advice, tips, and other guidance on my blog with the intent to illustrate important life skills, provide entertainment, inform, and at times empower the reader.

If you or a loved one is struggling with mental illness or are facing any kind of crisis seek local professional help, and/or contact authorities or emergency professionals for assistance. It's another rainy day, and I am just getting back from the office. A strange sense of Deja Vu comes over me. I been here before, trying to write a blog about gaming, looking for the words to stretch from contemplative to creative. As a therapist you would think that I am pretty good at keeping a journal but that's never been the case.

On my computer right now there is easily 30 blog entries that I may never use. This is at least my third attempt at creating a first blog post.

So what's changed? What's so different that now I feel compelled to submit this one?


In the past everything that I did for Degrees of Gaming, Facebook, Twitter, they all felt separate. They didn't feel as closely tied together as what I am doing now for G.A.T.E., LLC. Gaming, podcasting, social networking, they never crossed the line from hobby to an absolute need to survive. They never added or took away from my salary. I always had a safety net, or fire wall protecting my career from my hobbies, but now my career and hobbies are becoming inseparable. The neat little boxes a put parts of myself in are beginning to spill into one another.

Taking a jump from working on my own as an in home therapist, to trying to open an office is very different. Its forced me to put all that geeky goodness to the forefront. Essentially from here on out my clients have much more of a choice in what they get. I'm not the randomly assigned therapist sent to their home, I'm not anonymous, you see who and how I am by visiting my Psychology Today profile or checking out our site.

It's liberating and terrifying all at the same time.

What am I offering exactly? What am I blogging about?

  1. We are going to look at the games I've used in session over the years, their pros and cons.

  2. I hope to open the dialog between educator, game designer, therapist, youth and parent. Over the years I have seen games help families take some pretty trans-formative steps. But learning the how, when, and whys could take forever on our own. Perhaps by playing together we can all grow together.

  3. At some point I want to create a bunch of entries showing what I am looking for when playing different games in session. I want this blog to help teach professionals how and when it is appropriate to use games in session. Some professionals have been taught that gaming gets in the way of “real,” therapy. I hope to provide information that begs to differ. With that said